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Why Your Service Industry Biz Needs More Branding Than a Flashy Website

Let’s face it, the service industry can feel a bit like a sea of same-same. You’ve got plumbers, consultants, dog walkers (dream job!), all vying for attention. But how do you make sure yours isn’t the name that gets lost in the shuffle? Enter the glorious world of branding! Think of branding like your company’s superhero costume. It’s what makes you stand out […]

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6 Rules For Building Your Personal Brand

Top-Shelf Tip No. 21: “Your personal brand is a promise to your clients … a promise of quality, consistency, competency and reliability.” Jason Hartman 6 Rules For Building Your Personal Brand Building and maintaining a personal brand looks much different in 2019 than it did just a few years ago. A personal brand has also become […]

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