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The Best Bags to Hand Out at a Trade Show: A Guide for Exhibitors

Trade shows are dynamic events that offer exhibitors a unique opportunity to showcase their products and services to a diverse audience. However, one often overlooked aspect of trade show success is the promotional materials you distribute to attendees. Among these materials, custom bags stand out as versatile and effective giveaways. In this blog, we’ll explore the best bags to hand out at a trade show and discuss how they can enhance your brand’s presence and leave a lasting impression on your potential clients.

Tote Bags:

Tote bags are a perennial favorite at trade shows for several reasons. They’re spacious, reusable, and highly practical. Attendees can use them to carry their event materials, making your tote bag a walking advertisement for your brand throughout the event. Opt for durable materials and incorporate your company logo and slogan to make these bags memorable and functional.

Drawstring Backpacks:

Lightweight and easy to carry, drawstring backpacks are a hit among trade show visitors. They are great for holding smaller giveaways and informational brochures. With your branding prominently displayed on these bags, attendees will become brand ambassadors as they wander the show floor.

Messenger Bags:

Messenger bags are a more formal and stylish option for trade show giveaways. These bags can accommodate laptops, documents, and promotional materials. Choosing a high-quality messenger bag with ample pockets and an adjustable strap can make it a long-lasting and appreciated gift.

Reusable Shopping Bags:

Promoting sustainability is a trend that’s gaining momentum. By distributing reusable shopping bags with your branding at a trade show, you’ll not only make attendees’ lives easier but also showcase your eco-friendly approach. These bags often find a place in everyday life, increasing your brand’s visibility beyond the trade show.

Insulated Cooler Bags:

If your business aligns with food or beverage, insulated cooler bags are a great choice. These bags can keep snacks, drinks, or lunches fresh, making them highly useful to attendees. Including your logo ensures your brand is associated with convenience and freshness.

Laptop Bags and Sleeves:

In a technology-driven world, laptop bags and sleeves are practical giveaways for trade show attendees. These items offer protection for valuable devices and provide a valuable marketing opportunity. Ensure the bags offer adequate padding and pockets for accessories.

Customizable Pouches:

Small, versatile pouches can be used to hold cables, cosmetics, or other small items. These can be personalized with your branding and are handy, on-the-go accessories for trade show attendees.

Clear Stadium Bags:

If your trade show is at a venue with strict security regulations, clear stadium bags are a must. These see-through bags help attendees comply with venue policies while displaying your brand in a prominent location.

Selecting the right type of bag to hand out at a trade show can significantly impact your brand’s visibility and the overall attendee experience. By choosing a bag that aligns with your business and meets the practical needs of trade show visitors, you’re not only ensuring that your brand is prominently displayed but also increasing the chances that your promotional materials will continue to be used long after the event.

Remember to focus on the quality, design, and customization of these bags to create a positive impression and to make your trade show appearance a memorable and successful one. The right bag can go a long way in leaving a lasting mark in the minds of attendees and potential clients.

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